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5000 Question Survey: Questions 1 – 100

As part of my 101 things to do in 1001 days I’ve accepted the challenge of answering the ‘5000 Question Survey’. I’ll be following the original 50 parts and answer a 100 questions per post. Starting with this very first one.


1. Who are you?

I’m Joyce/Joisu, a Dutch girl with way too many hobby’s and too little time on my hands.


2. What are the 3 most important things everyone should know about you?

I’m a rather direct/honest person, I can get moody if things don’t go my way, and I have many different interests.


3. When you aren’t filling out 5,000 question surveys like this one what are you doing?

Reading, gaming, blogging, shopping, working, cooking, baking, practicing photography, hanging out with friends, having a drink, and many other things.


4. List your classes in school from the ones you like the most to the ones you like the least (or if you are out of school, think of the classes you did like and didn’t like at the time).

In High School I loved English, History and Biology. I really did not like the physical activities and math/calculus. During university I preferred international cultural management classes and classes related to commercial marketing approaches.


5. What is your biggest goal for this year?

Not giving up on the 101 things in 1001 days


6. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Having a succesful career, a profitable blog (not this one), in my own beautiful home with my partner. Or having won the lottery I will have a huge appartment in Tokyo and just live the lazy rich life.


7. What stage of life are you in right now?

The “omg I should be an adult by now but I don’t know what I’m doing, and no-one else seems to know what they are doing, so what am I supposed to do?!” stage of life.


8. Are you more child-like or childish?

Looking at some of my hobby’s and interests such as Pokémon I suppose childish. However, at work I believe I’m far from a child-like person.


9. What is the last thing you said out loud?

“No, thanks I’ve had enough.” (answer to the question if I wanted more coffee)


10. What song comes closest to how you feel about your life right now?

Fast Car – Jonas Blue ft. Dakota


11. Have you ever taken martial arts classes?

Yes, during High School I took kickboxing classes for about three years.


12. Does your life tend to get better or worse or does it just stay the same?

Better and worse at the same time. More freedom, more money but also more responsibilities. You lose more people, but get the know more people as well. You realise more truths about life which are sometimes great and sometimes terrible.


13. Does time really heal all wounds?

To a certain extent.


14. How do you handle a rainy day?

Try to not go outside.


15. Which is worse…losing your luggage or having to sort out tangled holiday lights?

Losing your luggage. Not even have to think about this one. Tangled holiday lights might get a little time-consuming or frustrating but you can always get them untangled with enough patience. Losing your luggage could mean losing something precious to you for every.


16. How is your relationship with your parents? Will you miss them when they are gone?

Great. Of course we have the occasional fight or discussion but overall we get along great and they are my biggest supporters. Losing them would turn me into a sobbing, blubbering mess for weeks and is something I’d rather not think about.


17. Do you tend to be aware of what is going on around you?

When I’m reading, gaming, or working I can really close myself of from the rest of the world. But generally speaking yes.


18. What is the truest thing that you know?

That having to grow old and die is a blessing and a curse.


19. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Everything from a lawyer, to baker, to social worker, to princess.


20. Have you ever been given a second chance?

Plenty of times for small things but never really needed a “real” a second chance. Unless failing my driver’s exam the first time counts?


21. Are you more of a giver or a taker?

Really depends. I’d like to think I’m a pretty balanced person.


22. Do you make your decisions with an open heart/mind?

Most of the times, yes.


23. What is the most physically painful thing that has ever happened to you?

Probably waking up the morning after my second surgery (throat).


24. What is the most emotionally painful thing that has ever happened to you?

Losing my grandma.


25. Who have you hugged today?

My dogs and my partner.


26. Who has done something today to show they care about you?

My parents, my dogs, my partner


27. Do you have a lot to learn?

Oh, yes! Lots.


28. If you could learn how to do three things just by wishing and not by working what would they be?

Being fluent in Japanese

Being an amazingly skilled (kawaii) illustrator

Very skilled costume maker / seamstress


29. Which do you remember the longest: what other people say, what other people do or how other people make you feel?

Isn’t it usually a combination of those things? A certain action or something they said made you feel a certain way and that’s what your remember most?


30. What are the key ingredients to having a good relationship?

Being honest, being loyal and trustworthy, being able to listen, being able to speak, being able to compromise, being able to respect eachother.


31. What 3 things do you want to do before you die?

Grow old

Win the lottery

Share live with the people I love


32. What three things would you want to die to avoid doing?

Thinking there was a mistake in this question? Is it asking me what three things I would rather die for than do? Or does it want me to know what three things I want to avoid doing before I die? I’m skipping this one ’cause I don’t really have a good answer either way.


33. Is there a cause you believe in more than any other cause?

Nothing in particular.


34. What does each decade make you think of:

The 19..

20’s: Roaring twenties

30’s: The Great Depression

40’s: Second World War

50’s: Recovery from World War

60’s: Hippie’s  

70’s: Disco

80’s: Poor fashion choices

90’s: Being a 90’s child

2000’s: Messing around as a teenager

2010’s: Great technological advancements and growing up


35. Which decade do you feel the most special connection to and why?

Probably this one? Getting on track with live, becoming me, but also the world and the changes it’s going through. Nostalgically speaking I would say the late 90’s and early 2000’s.


36. What is your favorite oldie/classic rock song?

Not really a rock song but Piano Man by Billy Joel is my favorite.


37. What country do you live in and who is the leader of that country? If you could say any sentence to the current leader of your country what would it be?

Netherlands. And I suppose I should say whoever was chosen in the last elections (and he’s shit anyway) but I’m going to go with King Willem-Alexander. Because a King is cooler. And I really don’t have much to say to him.


38. What’s your favorite TV channel to watch in the middle of the night?



39. What Disney villain are you the most like and why?

I did a buzzfeed quiz to get the answer to this one and this is what I got: “You’re Jafar! You have a magnetic personality and people are drawn to you (normally not by choice). You’re used to small living spaces, and spend most of your time indoors. Past jobs include vizier, sultan, and genie”


40. Have you ever been a girl scout/boy scout?

Nope. Not a thing where I’m from.


41. If you were traveling to another continent would you rather fly or take a boat?

Fly. It’s quicker to get to your destination. But a really nice, luxury cruise would be quite nice as well.


42. Why is the sky blue during the day and black at night?

I suppose I could go with a very deep, philosophical answer but I’m just going to stick with: because of the sun.


43. What does your name mean?

Bringer of Joy.


44. Would you rather explore the deeps of the ocean or outer space?



45. Word association. What is the first word that comes to mind when you see the word:

Air: Breath

Meat: Yum

Different: Me

Pink: Lips

Deserve: Achieve

White: Weddingdress

Elvis: Presley

Magic: Harry Potter

Heart: Love

Clash: of the Titans

Pulp: Fiction


46. If you could meet any person in the world who is dead who would you want it to be?

If it was possible, all my grandparents/ancestors but otherwise my Grandma B.


47. What if you could meet anyone who is alive?

Just my friends, family, loved ones I suppose.


48. Is there a movie that you love so much you could watch it everyday?

All the Harry Potter movies!


49. You are going to be stuck alone in an elevator for a week. What do you bring to do?

Assuming I can’t bring tools to break out of the elevator and not have to be stuck there for a week, I would definitely something to get rid of my waste and/or the smell of it. Food and water, entertainment such as magazines, books, notebooks, and perhaps a radio or something. Stuff for a comfortable sleeping spot would be a good idea too.


50. Have you ever saved someone’s life or had your life saved?

Not sure if we really saved her life but we did call an ambulance for a girl that got robbed on the street and had a massive headwound.
51. Make up a definition for the following silly words…

Fruitgoogle: the term for googling a word or item that you think has one meaning but has something completely different. Like tomato, you think it’s a vegetable, but it’s a fruit.

Ambytime: the time when the ambience is perfect to make a move. “The candles and roses made it the perfect ambytime”

Asscactus: when your “number 2” hurts on the way out and the minutes after it has gone out, as if a cactus was hurting you.


52. What was the last thing you made with your own hands?

Scrapbook? Cupcakes? Food? Do those count?


53. What was your favorite toy as a child?

My gameboy with Pokémon games.


54. How many TV’s are in your house?



55. What is your favorite thing to do outside?

Sitting in the sun with a nice drink and/or book.


56. How do you feel when you see a rainbow?

Kind of happy and giggly.


57. Have you ever dreamt a dream that came true?

Parts of it, yes.


58. Have you ever been to a psychic/tarot reader?



59. What is your idea of paradise?

Everyone young forever with everything and everyone they ever want or need closeby. No sorrow, no sickness, no death etc.


60. Do you believe in god and if so what is he/she/it like?



61. Do you believe in Hell?



62. What one thing have you done that most people haven’t?

Hmm, not really sure… Got a bigass Pokémon tattoo which is uncommon but not that uncommon. So I guess I would go with setting up the biggest online magazine in my niche on the Dutch market.


63. What is the kindest thing you have ever done?

Taking care of my grandma when she was ill.


64. Are you a patient person?

Depends on the situation. Sometimes I’m very patient but on other occasions not so much…


65. What holiday should exist but doesn’t?

Every last friday of the month should be a national holiday to celebrate a hard month of work from everyone.


66. What holiday shouldn’t exist but does?

They should definitely all exist. More time off work!


67. What’s the best joke you ever heard?

I can never, ever remember a joke so I have no clue.


68. Where is the most fun place you have EVER been?



69. Is your hair natural or dyed?

Currently it’s been dyed but in a colour very similar to my natural hair.


70. Do you have any deep dark secrets or are you pretty much up front?

Pretty much up front.


71. What is under your bed right now?

A lot of dust, spare blanket, and other crap.


72. If you were in the Land of Oz would you want to live there or go home?

Go home.


73. If you drive do you frequently speed?



74. What is the world’s best song to dance to?

Really depends on my mood and the location.


75. What song was on the last time you danced with someone?

Can’t remember.


76. Do you prefer Disney or Warner Brothers?

Disney. But then again… Warner Brothers did the Harry Potter movies… hmm….


77. What is the first animal you would run to see if you went to the zoo?

Probably tigers, panda’s or if they have it a butterfly garden.


78. Would you consider yourself to be romantic?


79. If the earth stopped rotating would we all fly off?

No. According to this Discovery Channel show I once saw if the earth would stop rotating all at once most of us would die immediately due to crashing into stuff. If it would happen slowly we would either drown or evacuate to the equator where we’d end up in a sort of desert wasteland as all the water would be drawn to the two poles.


80. What is the one thing that you love to do so much that you would make sacrifices to be able to do it?

What kind of sacrifices are we talking about? Like, sacrificing sleep to finish a game, anime, or book I do all the time. But sacrificing my job or my life etc. would be a completely different story.


81. If you (and everyone) had to lose one right or freedom, but you could pick which one everyone had to lose, what would you pick?

The right to bear and keep arms.


82. If you had to choose would you live on the equator or at the North Pole?



83. Would you rather give up listening to music or watching television?

Silly question could you could just watch/listen music on tv.


84. What do you think makes someone a hero?

Sacrificing themselves for the greater good or for another person in general.


85. What cartoon would you like to be a character in?



86. Name one thing that turns your stomach:

Heights, with no safety measures around.


87. What was the last thing you paid for?

eBay purchases.


88. Are you a coupon clipper?



89. Get anything good in the mail recently?

New figures, games, and clothes. So, yes!


90. Which would you rather take as a gym class…dancing, sailing, karate, or bowling?

Dancing or bowling class.


91. In Star Trek people ‘beam’ back and forth between different places. What this means is they stand in a little tube and their molecules are deconstructed and sent to another tube somewhere else where they are reassembled. Only problem is when the molecules are deconstructed the person is dead. When they are put back together it is only a clone that has all the dead person’s memories. So… Is the person who gets beamed the same person on both ends?

Ignoring the flaws in the theory etc. I would still go with yes. Memories and past experiences mostly make up who you are.


92. What insects are you afraid of?

Mosquito’s and spiders.


93. If you could print any phrase on a T-shirt, what would it say?

Not really one for t-shirts with phrases on it…


94. What’s the most eccentric thing you have ever worn?

My cosplays? My long flowy, gypsy skirt? Ugly christmas sweater? Bull Horn beanie? I really wouldn’t know what would be classified as eccentric enough in this case.


95. If you could pick one food that you could eat all you wanted but it would have no effect on how much you weigh, what food would it be?

Oh god. Uhmz. Pizza? Kebab? French Fries? Kapsalon (Dutch thing)? It’s so hard to choose! But I think I’m going with pizza as you have so many different kinds and varieties so it would be a long time before you’d get bored with it.


96. What are your parents interested in?

Their kids, their dogs, eachother.


97. Have you ever caught an insect and kept it as a pet? Have you ever caught and tamed a wild animal?

No and No.


98. What is more helpful to you, wishes or plans?

It starts with a wish but after that a plan is more helpful.


99. When do you feel your life energy the strongest?



100. You are spending the night alone in the woods and may bring only 3 items with you. What do you bring?

A super warm sleeping bag, fire-making-kit, book.

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