5000 Question Survey: Questions 2301 – 2400

As part of my 101 things to do in 1001 days I’ve accepted the challenge of answering the ‘5000 Question Survey’. I’ll be following the original 50 parts and answer a 100 questions per post. This is part twentyfour with questions 2301 – 2400.


2301. Who is the hottest celebrity you can think of?

Ryan Reynolds, Ian Somerhalder, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Rihanna. And probably some others that I swoon over that I’m forgetting now.


2302. Have you ever been to the following diaries(on opendiary.com)? If yes, what do you think..if no, then based on the name, does it sound interesting to you? Hicks: Shukhevych:  Cinderella: Oliver: A tinfoil valentine: Burning River: joebeginswithajay:?

God, how many of these stupid diary questions do I have to through?


2303. Do you ever get so nervous that you can’t even think?

Not really.


2304. Do you sing when there is no music?



2305. Would you rather cast a spell or say a prayer?

Cast a spell.


2306. Why does the US dollar bill have a pyramid on it?

Illuminiati 😉


2307. Who was the best political leader in history and why?

None of them.


2308. What was the first sex toy you ever used?


2309. If you hated a book, would you burn it?



2310. What are your feelings about pornography?

Don’t have anything against it.


2311. What are your feelings about people who are against pornogrophy?

Good for them so long as they don’t force their will onto others.


2312. If you could dance with anyone in the world right now, who would it be and what song would you dance to?

My partner.


2313. What is your favorite flavor of schnapps?

Don’t really like schnapps but a fruity one.


2314. Finish this sentence your own way. There are two types of people in the world…

Asshole and slightly smaller assholes.


2315. What have you saved since elementary school?

A ragdoll.


2316. Have you ever won an award?



2317. Are you more:

Good or evil? Good.

Wise or foolish? I’d like to think wise but probably foolish.

Safe or dangerous? Safe.

Satisfied or envious? Satisfied, but ambitious.

Honest or decietful? Honest.

Faithful or perfidious? Faithful.

Sane or mad? Mostly sane but a little mad.

Strong or weak? Strong.

Enigmatic or plain? A little bit of both.

Aggressive or peaceful? Peaceful but sometimes a little aggressive.

Brave or timid? Brave.

Humane or cruel? Humane.

Critical or appreciative? Critical. But that doesn’t mean I’m not appreciative.

Temperamental or calm? Temperamental but not in the sense of anger issues.

Sad or happy? Happy

Normal or unusual? Unusual.


2318. How do you feel about Terri Schiavo?



2319. Do you feel more connected to the sun or the moon?



2320. Do flaws make people interesting to you?

Depends on the flaw.


2321. Who is your favorite historical figure?

The ancient Egyptians.


2322. White bread or wheat bread?

Wheat bread.


2323. Would you rather never have sex again or have sex once with a walrus?

I doubt you would be able to do anything ever again after having sex with a walrus.


2324. Would you rather sky dive or deep sea dive?

Sky dive.


2325. What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Define kinky?


2326. What is your favorite pick-up line?

One that I haven’t heard before.


2327. Do you usually do things fast or right?

Depends on the situations. I prefer doing things right. But sometimes fast is all you can.


2328. What will the most common halloween costume be this year?

Probably a zombified anything.


2329. What was it last year?



2330. Is love a choice or something that can’t be helped?

Both. The feelings of love that come up can’t always be controlled. But you can control whether or not you act on them.


2331. What is youur preffered method of birth control?



2332. Is there someone you see everyday (or sometimes) that you would like to hug and talk to but you just don’t know them well enough?



2333. Are you or have you ever been in a band?



2334. Here are 4 statements about me. Only one of them is true. Which one is it?

a. I lost my mind doing drugs.

b. I’ve been arrested before.

c. I have 9 cats.

d. I have a children’s book published.

I don’t care either way. All of them seem like you.


2335. What do you think of the smashing pumpkins?

Is that an American Halloween tradition or something?


2336. Would you wear a thong bathing suit in public?



2337. Hello I love you won’t you tell me your name?



2338. If you had to be surgically attached at the hip for two years to either Britney Spears, George W. Bush or an ugly creepy troublesome but nice troll, who would you pick and why?

Britney Spears.


2339. Let’s assume that there is a “meaning of life,” a reason for humans to be here on this planet. Would you give up both of your legs and one of your arms if it would mean everyone else would learn the meaning of life?



2340. If you could meet God and talk to him for 5 hours, -or- find out whether or not there is intelligent life on other planets and make contact with them, which would you pick and why? (Note: If you meet God, you will never find out if there is intelligent life on other planets, so you can’t ask God if aliens exist. Also, you would get no proof that you had talked to him or her. And finally, if God doesn’t exist then you don’t get to meet him or her!).

Well making contact with alien life (if it is out there) without knowing what kind could be very dangerous and troublesome for the entire planet. So I guess I would try to find out if there is a God.


2341. Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, or the Breakfast Club?

Haven’t seen any of them.


2342. Before you read this question, pick a person from your life, any person. (You have to be thinking about someone before you continue!). Would you rather have the ability to watch that person for one hour per day, or would you rather have that person watch you for one hour per day? Who is it and why? (you pick the hour – they don’t know that they are being watched – it’s like there are invisible TV cameras following them around)?

Thought about my boyfriend. And honestly I wouldn’t really care. We pretty much know what we are up to anyway :’)


2343. Would you rather be guaranteed to have your dream job or never be heartbroken?

Dream job. There are many different ways of heartbreak so I’ll take my chances is not the boyfriend kind of heartbreak.


2344. Have you thought about death today?

No. Well, now I do!


2345. What is your favorite breakfast?

Continental hotel breakfasts. At good hotels though!


2346. What is your favorite classic movie?

I know it’s not a classic but I’m going to say Harry Potter anyway.


2347. Gold or silver eyeshadow?



2348. Are you the life of the party?

When I’m in the mood.


2349. Do you wish you were?

See above.


2350. Sdrawkcab daer uoy nac?



2351. If you realize that a student at your school or a colleague from your job has plagerized part of their work from the internet. What do you do?



2352. What does your computer look like when you aren’t looking at it?

Black screen.


2353. If you aren’t looking at it, how do you know it’s still there when your back is turned?

Because I’m not on drugs.


2354. If you hit an animal with your car would you get out to try and make sure it was okay?



2355. If it was someone’s cat (collared with address) would you knock on their door and appologize for hitting the cat?

Most definitely. I would make sure the cat gets the medical care it needs as well. Yes, at my own expense, and yes even if it wasn’t my fault or if I know there wasn’t anything I could do about it.


2356. How do you feel about the people who are teased in high school sueing the bullies who teased them for emotional damage?

Mixed feelings. Because they were kids. I know it’s definitely not an excuse for everything; we all know bullying is wrong but I doubt that people really realize what it does to people at that time. So I tend to think that sueing them is kinda like “an eye for an eye, leaves the whole world blind”.


2357. Do you have an interest in any of the following:

Guns: No.

Explosives: Only pretty fireworks.

Marilyn manson: No.

Trench coats: No.

The mafia: No.

Death: No.

Satanism: No.

Nazis: No.

That doom game: No.


2358. Do you believe that people live in their own worlds or realities or do you think we all share the same world/reality?

Partially shared, partially our own.


2359. Do you believe that Nazism was a characteristically German thing, or do you think a similar type of government could spring up in any country?

It can spring up anywhere.


2360. Is your diary in the internet archive wayback machine (http://www.archive.org/web/web.php)?


2361. When do you get your most peaceful and satisfying sleep?

After a long, fun, and tiring day.


2362. What thought gets you out of bed in the morning?

My alarm.


2363. Do you get along better with guys or girls (as friends)?



2364. What does tx81z stand for?

Don’t know.


2365. How many points is the letter Z worth in Scrabble?

Don’t know. Only played scrabble like, twice in my whole life.


2366. In poker, which hand is better: four of a kind or a straight?

Four of kind.


2367. What is the official language of Australia?



2368. On what continent would you find British Columbia?



2369. Have you been to homestarrunner.com?



2370. What promise could you never keep?

Not dying.


2371. No cat has 8 tails. Every cat has one tail more than no cat. How many tails does every cat have?



2372. What are you a member of?

My family.


2373. If you and your mate were stranded at sea on a scuba diving trip like in the movie Open Water, how would you survive?

Probably not.


2374. Do you feel confident that you would know what to do under emergency circumstances?

Depends on the emergency but I’d like to think I’d keep my cool.


2375. Have you ever been stood up?



2376. Use a similie to describe yourself.

As versatile as a vase.


2377. Good. Now use a metaphore.

I did a quiz for this one. I got: “The Elephant in the Room is the metaphor that best describes you! Your friends can always count on you to be the one to make things a bit awkward… but only with the undeniable truth! You have no shame and no boundaries, so naturally, this contributes to that filter you’re lacking. You just can’t stand an issue that’s not being brought up, so you usually find yourself being the only one in the room with enough balls to state the obvious. Why hide things or be nervous to talk openly with one another? Isn’t that the key to strong, healthy relationships? We think so, too!”


2378. Have you ever had an unusual piercing?

Yes. Still have it 😉


2379. Have you ever experianced culture shock?



2380. Imagine you were trapped in one of the world trade center towers on 9/11/01. Who would you call and what would you say to them in those last few minutes?

My mom. Probably the cliché stuff. How much I love her and my dad and sister. To be good to everyone, a few final wishes perhaps. And to let everyone else know I loved them too.


2381. Do you ever go to school or work when you feel like you do not look your best??



2382. Does doing this effect your whole day?

To a certain extent.


2383. What was the last movie you watched and what did you learn from it?

Watched Jungle Book again. Learned how cool it was.


2384. Do you believe that everyone who doesn’t believe in your religion is going to hell?



2385. What is the best thing about winter?

Hot chocolate.


2386. Do you ever shovel your neighbor’s walk?

Don’t need to. We don’t get that much show.


2387. How often do you hold back from saying what you are thinking?

Quite often.


2388. Have you ever looked back at someone you loved and wondered ‘what attracted me to THEM?’



2389. What do you think of Drew Barrymore?

She’s fun. She should do more movies again.


2390. Name one thing you refuse to ever do.

Hurt myself on purpose.


2391. Nmae one place you refuse to ever go.

Don’t know. Depends on what I would do. But I’m not really attracted to hot places. So South-America, Africa, Middle-east, but I mean there are plenty of gorgeous places there so I wouldn’t really mind going.


2392. Do you think people see you more as who you are or what you are?

Depends on the person looking at me.


2393. Pick 3 random letters: Now think of the first 3 things that pops into your head that starts with each letter.

S, N, U. Shoes, naked, us.


2394. Do you dress more revealing or more to cover up?

Depends on the situation.


2395. What does it take to be a ‘real gentleman’?

Considerate, thoughtful, kind, firm, charming.


2396. Where would you go if you were going somewhere you don’t usually go?

There’s loads of places I don’t usually go. So hmm… a gym :’)


2397. On the first sept 11th anniversary, the new york lottery’s winning numbers were 9,1 and 1. Do you believe this is fate, coincidence or a conspiracy/plan?

That sure is a huge coincidence.


2398. Have you ever noticed that there is a lie in the middle of the word believe?



2399. When (and if) people (or animals) go to heaven, do they become angels?



2400. What is your most important body part?

There is no “most important” one. It’s the balance of all of them together that’s what keeps you going. But I suppose my brain, as they can’t really do good transplants for that one (yet).

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