5000 Question Survey: Questions 2801 – 2900

As part of my 101 things to do in 1001 days I’ve accepted the challenge of answering the ‘5000 Question Survey’. I’ll be following the original 50 parts and answer a 100 questions per post. This is part twentynine with questions 2801 – 2900.


2801. The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. But what was the question?

Either obvious or intangible.


2802. Suggest three new diary circles that you would find interesting:

I don’t know any.


2803. Buttons or Knobs?

Depends on what.


2804. What is a juggalo?

I googled it. Fans of the Insane Clown Posse.


2805. Are you a fan of Crass?



2806. If you were going to write a short note to yourself and then put it away and read it in ten years, what would it say?

Look at this blogpost and you’ll know :)


2807. When someone does something that is wrong do you believe that they know in their hearts that they are wrong but they push it down into their subconcious and rationalize away their guilt? When have you done this (if you say never then you are doing it right now)?

“Wrong” is something defined by culture and social norms so it really can be different depending on the person and location they are. For example, I don’t think it’s wrong to show a little skin or not cover my hair. But in other cultures this is considered very wrong.

Some things are universal. Like murder or stealing. But what if you steal something to make sure your siblings have food? Would it be wrong to steal? Or wrong to let your siblings starve?


2808. How can a person have sex with someone they don’t love? Have YOU ever?

Because in it’s most basic shape sex isn’t about love. To me it is something you don’t do casually though. But to say I’ve only done it with people I truly love is a stretch.


2809. What are the paradoxes in your head (that is when you believe two conflicting things to be true)?

Just take a look at the questions and my answers. There’s loads of paradoxes in my head. I just tend to think that nothing is truly black and white. Everything, or wel almost everything is grey and needs to be judged according to the situation.


2810. What does each set of two words suggest to you? pale gravity: little mornings: spiritual machines: eccentric being: pray attention: yellow lectures?

(Failed) Attempts at unique names for blogs or journals?


2811. What movie would be AWESOME in 3D?

Avatar was awesome. Star Wars as well.


2812. Why is it important to write and think clearly?

So that your message comes across.


2813. A girl and her boyfriend are hanging out. It is obvious they are together. Another guy schmoozes between them and starts hitting on the girl. The boyfriend tells this guy to back off. The guy just keeps bothering the girl. Do you think the boyfriend would be justified in hitting this intrusive guy?

No. Unless the guy hits the boyfriend first.

A girl and her boyfriend are hanging out. It is obvious they are together. Another GIRL(lesbian) schmoozes between them and starts hitting on the first girl. The boyfriend tells this girl to back off. The girl just keeps bothering the first girl. Do you think the boyfriend would be justified in hitting this intrusive girl?

No. Unless the girl hits the boyfriend first.

If you answered yes to one situation and no to the other one why the double standard?

No double standard here. If a girl hits a guy the guy is definitely allowed to hit her back. Would be best not to, just as it would be best if he didn’t hit a guy back. You only get into a worse fight with a lot of drama. Sometimes walking away is better.


2814. What do you think of the name Prue?



2815. What would you spend your last dollar on?

Depends on what I want/need at the moment.


2816. Have you ever won an ebay auction? If yes for what?

No, I hate auctions. They make me anxious and make me spend way more than I want.


2817. Would you like it if Blockuster had a drivethrough??

Aren’t they all out of business by now? :’) But thinking back, yes that would be kind of neat.


2819. When was the last time you taught someone somthing and what was it?

My mom, something about her phone and my colleagues something about wordpress.


2820. Why do adults and teens not understand each other?

Because our brains, bodies, and life experiencies work together differently.


2821. Are you afraid?



2822. Do you trust large drug corporations? Do you trust the Food and Drug administration?

I don’t believe in big evil conspiracies but I do believe that they often times but commercial value and needs over the needs of people.


2823. If a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound? Do you define sound as sound waves or as the reaction between the soundwaves and your ears?

Of course it makes a sound. I might not be able to hear it but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make a sound.


2824. Who is full of shit?

You. Me, everyone.


2825. Four of the five senses are routed through a special area to the brain. One sense goes right to the brain and so is a powerful sense involved with memory and emotion. Which sense do you feel this is?



2826. Are you on a ship of fools or a carousel?



2827. What is your bathing suit like?

Got a few different bikini’s.


2828. Whose line is it, anyway?



2829. Are you more likely to answer a signed in note or a nsi note?

I don’t know what either of those are.


2830. To be or not to be. That is the question. What is the answer?

To be.


2831. Does beauty exist as a defineable standard or is beauty in the eyes of the beholder?Why do you think it is that so many people have the same idea of who and what is beautiful? Where do your standards for judgeing beauty come from?

Eye of the beholder. Because culture and social norms define a big part of what we find beautiful.


2832. Would a war with Iraq help or harm american economy?

It hasn’t done it any favors.


2833. What is the first thing you would do if you saw a nuclear explosion in the distance?

Find cover. Some sort of strong metal cover.


2834. Would you like to be cryogenically frozen?



2835. Think of the person you love the most. Would you be willing to murder a stranger in order to save that person’s life? Why or why not?

Yes. Selfish reasons. I don’t know that other person but I do run the risk of losing someone I know and deeply love.


2836. Imagine no possetions. I wonder if you can?

Possessions? Of course I can. But I sure as hell don’t want too.


2837. How messed up is:

your hair? a little messy in it’s ponytail

your room?  very messy

your car? not messy at all

your life? a good kind of messy


2838. What are you running out of?



2839. What do you live for?



2840. How did you decide it was worth living for?

Why wouldn’t I be worth living for?


2841. Do you consider some people to be too: traditional? conformist? avant-garde? smart? stuck up?  modern?  beautiful?  ugly?  obsessed?  emotional?  petty?  sneaky? fat? thin?

What a stupid question. Of course I consider some people to be one out of those 10+ things…


2842. By what criteria do you judge others?

Don’t know really. Past experiences with similar people? The way they act, behave, look, speak, do things, loads of things.


2843. Do you look at people’s words and actions or the underlying reasons for those words and actions?



2844. Which would you rather collect: simpsons action figures? kiss gear? anything with a smiley? horror movies?

Neither of those really. I already collect plenty of other stuff haha.


2845. Do you fight for your rights?

To a certain extent. I sure as hell fought for my rights when I had to deal with a pyschotic boss in me previous job.


2846. Would you rather be a construction worker or a crossing guard?

Crossing guard. Construction workers are undervalued, underpaid and destroy their bodies.


2847. What is enought o satisfy you in life?

Everything I currently have :) Of course I would like some more time, money, beauty, wisdom etc. But overall I’m really satisfied.


2848. Do you think you have more, less, or average life experiance for your age?



2849. Why go to college? Have you considered joining a cult instead?

College was a kind of cult 😉


2850. What’s the last lie you told?

No, I didn’t spend that much on it, it was waaay less (it wasn’t).


2851. What celebrity has the sexiest voice of
females? males?

Aaaaah! I have a face but I don’t have a name =[ I’ll get back to this one because I actually have a favourite here!


2852. You are having a party and can invite three celebrities of your choice. The WILL come. Who do you invite?

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Justin Bieber (yes, really! For shits and giggles haha), and Ryan Reynolds but only if he shows up in his Deadpool suit.


2853. Where did you come from? Where are you now? Where are you going?

Don’t know.


2854. What would you imagine the playboy mansion is like?

Don’t have to imagine it. Can just google it as it has been in plenty of docs, movies, clips, etc. etc.


2855. Do you blow your nose loudly in public?



2856. Do you help others every day?

Not every day.


2857. Bono or Chris Tucker?



2858. Is it lonely being alone in your head?



2859. What is the worst poverty you have ever seen?

The stuff on tv.


2860. Has anyone ever told you that more than 2 billion people live on less than two dollars a day? What do you think of that? 

Sucks, but nothing much I can do about it. Plus sometimes those two dollars buy quite a bit. Usually not but things need to be in perspective too.


2861. Add a sentance to the story: Once upon a time there was a man named Arthur and he was brushing his teeth when all of a sudden he saw a bright rainbow utside. So he goes out the back door to take a look and he finds an elf who says

“Oi mate here’s that pot of gold you wanted”.


2862. Be honest.. do you generally listen or wait for your turn to talk?

About 60% not, 40% yes.


2863. How many fingers do you type with?

All 10. Well to be fair, now that I’m paying attention it’s more like 6-8 that I use all the time.


2864. What does ‘you think you know but you have no idea’ mean? Where did it come from as a common phrase?

Knowing and realizing/experiencing something is very different.


2865. Do you think it’s important to give up liberties in order to protect freedom?

How can you give up liberties to protect freedom? That doesn’t work at all.


2866. Do you think George Bush was elected in a legal way?



2867. Imagine you were dying of a disease…you only had a certain amount of time left with your mte, parents or children. What would you leave behind for them to remember you by?

My pictures, this blog, other writings, memories.

How would you feel if there were drugs to help you live, only you couldn’t afford them?

Would ffin suck.

How would you feel if people were trying to sell you the drugs at a lower cost but the drug companies made sure they couldn’t because that would cut their profits?


This senario is going on Right Now.The country is Africa. The disease is aids. The drug is azp (and others). The people are Africans who are very poor and have aids. The large drug corporations won’t sell the drugs at a price they can afford or allow smaller companies to either. Is this acceptable?

Of course not. But it’s their product and their choice what to do with it.

What are you going to do about it?

Nothing. I already donate part of my money to several charities. But I’m not going to dedicate my life to change it. Super selfish I know but without the support of the rest of world and/or government nothing really is going to change.


2868. Would you ever BUY a new ring for your cell phone that plays a couple of notes of your favorite song?



2869. What has completely moved you?

Plenty of things. Again a repeat question.


2870. If for your next birthday you had a novelty kids birthday party what games would you play at it?

I had! Last year! 😀 We did bingo, and could play with marbles, have cotton candy, decorate cupcakes, and some messed up versions of kids game that involved drinking.


2871. How can you keep open toed sandles from rubbing against your toes and making them blistered and raw?

Don’t know?


2872. What happens to socks when they disappear in the drier?

They get sucked up between the little rubber bit of the drier and the machine.


2873. What is the quality of humanity all about?

Hmmm… compassion?


2874. True or false – All homophobes are inherently evil.:

No. Of course not. They have just been raised with a different set of believes. We might consider it evil from our point of view but from theirs they’re not. They probably think non-homophobic people are evil. That we see a change in what is considered normal is something that needs time to develop all social norms and cultures and that doesn’t happen overnight, nor can it be forced.


2875. Is there anything, besides love, that money can’t buy?



2876. How is your soul?

A little bit worn and torn.


2877. What are you committed to?

Finishing these 5000 questions.


2879. Are you photogenic?

With the right lightning, angle, and editting yes :’)


2880. Can you define these words off the top of your head as if you were talking to someone who didn’t know what they were?

rain: waterdrops that fall from the sky

cold: the opposite of warm. When you start shivering and chattering your teeth wishing for warm clothes, when you feel goosebumps. Or the refreshing feeling of a dive in a lake on a hot day.

green: the colour of leaves and grass, a colour in between blue and yellow

sand: the stuff you find the dessert, or on the beach. Countless miniature rocks that can be itchy in between your toes.


2881. Why aren’t you naked (or are you)?

Because I’m in the presence of other people in a situation where it’s not acceptable to be naked.


2882. Do you think anoyone is all good or all evil?



2883. Go outside a sec. how many animals are in your yard? Did you count yourself? why or why not?

Not counting insects two: my dogs.


2884. What household appliance drags you down?

The vacuum cleaner.


2885. try this..write a list of six possibilities of things you could do after you are off the computer. Make sure that at lease ONE thing is something you would be unlikely to ever do.

1. Climb Mt. Fuji.

2. Bake and eat a chocolate cake

3. Play a videogame

4. Go to the pub

5. Visit a friend

6. Get back behind the computer

Now grab a dice (if you have none ask someone to pick a number between 1 and 6) and decide what you will do by flipping it. Then do it!

HAHA. Jokes on you. I had 6.


2886. Which of the following doesn’t belong with the others and why?

a. garden

b. love

c. magazine

d. death

Death. I imagined a magazine for people who love gardening.


2887. How old are you? What age do you feel mentally? emotionaly? spiritualy?

Twentysomething for all of those.


2888. Who do you think is more wise: your mailman or a person who has been living on the streets for 12 years?

Who says my mailman hasn’t lived on the streets for 12 years? But still a bad comparison as you don’t know what either of them have been through. Maybe the person on the streets has only known poverty and drug addiction and the mailman has travelled the world in his youth and is now delivering mail as part-time job. Perhaps the person on the streets chose to live there after travelling the world and going to monastaries. You can’t just tell.


2889. Do you kiss on the first date?

Only if the guy would be super duper awesome.


2890. Would you ever want to be oon: a dating show(which)? a game show(which)? the news(why)?

None of those. Perhaps the news for doing something good or awesome.


2891. How much money would it take to get you to:

strip to nuthing but a bright orange thong (for guys, orange thongs an string bikini top for girls)and wrestle another person of the same sex in a thong in a pool of jello?

participate in a contest where you drink alcohol as fast as you can until you puke?

sit absolutely still for 2 hours, in nothing but a towel, covered in plaster of paris?

Walk around at your school in bondage gear asking people to spank you on the ass with a huge dead octopus tenticle?

pick your nose and eat it?

smash potatoes with your head?

These are hard! Would it be in a closed of environment were NO ONE could take pictures? And for #2 would there be a medical crew on standby? I am desperate for money? I don’t know. The nose picking thing probably wouldn’t got up to the triple zero’s but the others most definitely would be.


2892. Who deserves an appology?

My sister. I ate her donut.


2893. What wins the award as stupidst lyric you can think of?

Too many to choose from!


2894. Where do you most like to be massaged?



2895. Is your face clear?

Mostly. Yes.


2896. Finish this phrase in a humorous way.. Friends don’t let friends…

Stick their dick in crazy.


2897. What present would you bring to the birthday party of an aquaintance?

Depends on the aquaintance. I always try to find a personal gift for someone so I’d try to find out what they’d like. If I can’t find out anything I’d go for something perishable. Like flowers, or a nice selection of cheeses and wine or something.


2898. Is your game on?

Hellz yeah!


2899. What would a song for the deaf be like? How about a painting for the blind?

Vibrations of sound. Raised pointillism paintings. Or at least paintings with clearly distinguishable lines and structures.


2900. What is a sure-fire way to get noticed?

Run around the streets naked. Except if there’s a naked run going on. Perhaps running with clothes on in a naked run?

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