5000 Question Survey: Questions 3100 – 3200

As part of my 101 things to do in 1001 days I’ve accepted the challenge of answering the ‘5000 Question Survey’. I’ll be following the original 50 parts and answer a 100 questions per post. This is part thirthytwo with questions 3101 – 3200.


3101. Would it bother you if your priest, rabbii or other religious leader (teacher if you are not religious) started wearing a plain black mask all the time?
If yes, why?

Would be rather creepy.


3102. Where do you look for the answers?



3103. If you are driving and someone honks at you does it ruin your whole day?

No. I would just shrug and drive along.


3104. If you are driving and you get angry at another driver do you yell at them through their and your closed window? open the window and yell at them? throw things at them? stop the car and start a fight with them? do something else?

I do yell at them from my window. Once I actually threw my milkshake at another car. Because they were not only infuriating, roadbullies but just plain dangerous. I know, throwing a milkshake isn’t exactly safe or mature or something a normal person would do but I was just so angry and frustrated.


3105. I’m in the right lane on the parkway. There is an exit only lane on my right. A car pulls out from behind the pack into the exit only lane. When that car gets to the exit he is right in front of me only one lane to the right of me. Instead of exiting the parkway he tries to creep back in in front of me. I get pissed and honk the horn. He (I keep saying he but I couldn’t tell) throws up his hands as he slides in front of me. I think this is funny and toot again. He throws up his hands again. I do this about three more times and each time I toot he throws his hands in the air. Then my exit clomes up and I have to get off. From the time he got in front of me until I got off the parkway we drove approx. 20 feet. What you think about this situation?

Tooting three times is perhaps a bit overkill. Who knows, perhaps he just realised it wasn’t his exit or anything and panicked. Usually they’re just dickheads though haha.


3106. Do you live in reality or in your ‘own little world’? Which one is better?

Little bit of both. And I quite like both of them.


3107. Who’s your favorite soprano?

Couldn’t even tell you who they are.


3108. Why is there porn geared towards straight men, gay men, lesbians but none really geared towards straight woman?

There is!


3109. Is there more to being human than chemicles and impulses? If yes, what?

Well, if you get really down to it probably not. But does that make being human any less cool?


3110. What if all the boys in jail could get out now together?



3111. If your shoes could talk what would they say?

Depends on the shoe!


3112. How many windows are in your house?

I don’t know, a dozen or so? We got a couple of big ones.


3113. Did you walk around your house and count them all? If not what did you do?

I guesstimated.


3114. Do you think people store memories as pictures or words?



3115. If you got sent to jail who would your one phone call be to?

My dad to get me a lawyer asap.


3116. Pick a movie you have seen: Give a 2 sentance review about it using the word ‘go’:



3117. Pick a song you like: Give a 2 sentance review of it useing the word ‘come’:

I’m a Barbie Girl. “Come on barbie, let’s go barbie. We’re having so much fun”.

And yes. That totally counts as a review.


3118. Pick a person you like: Give a two sentance description of them useing the word ‘lunchbox’:

P. is the kind of friend you don’t mind sharing your lunchbox with.


3119. What do these 3 words have in common: hippo, camp, us?

Don’t they make up one word?


3120. If you could save time in a bottle, the first thing that you’d like to do is.



3121. Who is the most powerful person in the world that you can think of?

Probably the US president?


3122. If you were designing a mini-golf hole what would it be like?

A rotating sushi bar were you have to hit the ball to get on plate, roll along the sushi bar, and up falling in someones open mouth.


3123. Why do you think certain people become targets for teasing in school or exclusion at work?

Because they often don’t get along with the general flow of a group. Or maybe because they aren’t quite on par in terms of social skills and confidence. There can be many reasons.


3124. Why, in essays, is the word ‘I’ not allowed to be used when it is our own PERSONAL thoughts being expressed?

I didn’t know that was a thing?


3125. What song would you like your doorbell to play?

None. Just a good old doorbell is enough for me.


3126. Would you rather watch MTV or play GO FISH?

Go fish. Anything is better than MTV.


3127. What is an itch?

Something you want to scratch.


3128. Why did the holocost happen?

Because people are weird, easily manipulated, scared, and looking for self preservation.


3129. Would you be capable of torturing another person?

Probably yes.


3130. How did Hitler’s army do this and still believe they were good people?

Following orders, group pressure, self preservation and the power of believing that your own beliefs are the truth. A lot of them probably though they were protecting their loved ones from even greater harm. Especially the kids that were pretty much brainwashed by the Hitler Jugend were raised not knowing any better. And don’t forget that plenty of people didn’t agree, fought against hitler, or joined the resistance. But things aren’t as black and white as people always make them up to be.


3131. Do you like poetry to rhyme?



3132. Does ‘jewish’ describe a race or a religion?

To me it’s mostly religion but I suppose a lot of people identify with both.


3133. How tall are you?

178cm / 5’10, which is only slightly taller than the average woman in The Netherlands ( 5’7 / 170cm.


3134. If Hitler was capable of such cruelty to others, and he is human, does that mean that all humans are capable of this cruelty?/

I think most of us are.


3135. How long have you ever gone without sleep?

A little over 48 hours.


3136. Is a mouse a miracle?

It’s nature.


3137. there are alcoholics, chocoholics, shoppoholics, practically anything can be an ‘oholic. What’s your ‘oholic?

All of the above? 😉


3138. Does heaven have aphone number? If it did would you call? Who would you ask to speak to? What would you say?

No it doesn’t. If it did I would call my grandma.


3139. Fortune time!!

1,2, 3, or 4? 3

if 1: 5, or 6? 

if 2: 7 or 8?

if 3: 9 or 10? 10

if 4 11 or 12? 

Now pick a letter between A and G:  A

if A: 13 or 14? 14

if B: 15 or 16?

if C or D: 17 or 18? 

if E or F: 19 or 20?

if F: 21 or 22?

if G: 22 or 23?


you should now have two numbers. look at both numbers below and combine the sayings to get a fortune.

5: you are a very loving person

6: you will become very rich

7: you are too hard on yourself

8: cats will bring you bad luck

9: gremlins will eat all your cheese

10: you are going on a trip

11: someone you don’t know will be watching you

12: you will get what you want

13. and your life will be filled with romance

14. but you will fall in love with a babboon

15. and salt is lucky for you

16. or you will inherit a cough medicine factory

17. and you will not come back

18. and you will lose the remote

19. or your favorite team will win

20. and you were born under a lucky star

21. but the next person who leave you a note is attracted to you

22. and you will have a stalker soon

23. or your best friend will take you to a movie


3140. Do you vote?



3141. Are you always honest with yourself? Were you honest when you answered that question?

I try to be.


3142. What kinds of diary names or entry titles make you specifically NOT want to read that diary?

And we were doing so good with the no-diary questions.


3142. Is writing an online diary more about being honest about yourself or entertaining your readers?

Depends on the person.


3143. What are you the last of?

Last female worker in my department?


3144. Who do you really appreciate and what have you done lately to show that you appreciate them?

My bf. Just being nice to him and cooking him a super nice meal.


3145. When people do good deeds are they really doing them because they are a good person or because they want to feel like a good person? Or both?

A little bit of both I think.


3146. Somewhere far back in the survey I asked if Bill Gates or Mothe Thereasa was more successful. The most popular answer I have seen is ‘it depends on how you define success’. Well, this survey is about YOU isn’t it? So how do YOU define success?

To me it would be Bill Gates.


3147. Are people making up reality as they go along?



3148. You may need a calculator for this one. Think of your weight. Divide it by 2.2 multiply the answer by .8 What do you get? That is how many grams of protein you need to eat every day to stay healthy. Do you think you eat enough?

Probably not.


3149. What is your feeling about republicans?



3150. What do you need to do? What do you need to stop doing?

Go to the gym more. Stop eating junkfood.


3151. If you were to start a club, what club would you start?

A Pokemon Go club.


3152. Are your hands and feet always cold? Maybe you have bad circulation.



3153. Have you ever been prank called? If yes, what was the situation?



3154. Have you ever prank called someone? If yes, what was the prank?

Yeah, I think I did when I was younger.


3155. Have you ever gotteen into a conversation with someone when they or you have dialed a wrong number?



3156. Have you ever just sat alone with no distractions for a whole hour and thought about things? If yes, does the universe open up when you do this?



3157. Are you a genius?



3158. If you were going to design the PERFECT signifigant other…what flaws would you give them?

Would they have flaws if they are perfect?


3159. If you answered NO to 3157, why do you doubt yourself?

Because I’m a realist. Has nothing to do with doubting yourself. I’m most definitely not dumb but I’m no genius.


3160. RARRRR!!! Scared ya, didn’t I?



3161. Do feelings and ideas come from inside the mind or outside in the culture?



3162. When you have a feeling or an idea: do you trust it? Even when people are telling you that you are wrong? Even when people are laughing at you for it?

It really depends on the idea.



Don’t have a middle name and not blurting the streetname here.


3164. What is the differance between spirituality and religion?

They’re pretty much the same. Religion is spiritual and spirituality can also be considered religious. But mainly religion has things like go to church or mosque and has all sorts of rituals etc.


3165. What is the speediest way you know of to get over a cold or flu?

Get plenty of rest, drink fluids, and eat fruits.


3166. Who is your favorite comedian?

Don’t really have a favourite.


3167. What do you think of Winona Ryder’s court case?

What court case?


3168. What was your last nightmare about?

Can’t remember.


3169. Who are the people in your neighborhood?

I don’t know. I only know my direct neighbors and that’s it.


3170. During what decade was popular music the most emotional? During what decade was popular music the bes?

Got I barely remember what songs came out this year. I honestly don’t know.


3171. How did Frederick Douglas, escape slavery against all odds? There were thousands and thousands of slaves around him, why did only he manage to learn to read and write?

Who? I think this is some sort of famous American history story?


3172. Do you download porn? (be honest!)

No. Does anyone download porn still?


3173. Why is ‘go suck an egg’ or ‘your grandma sucks eggs!’ an insult?

I don’t know. It’s not an insult here.



Life is: short

I am: Joyce

I am not: skinny

But I want to be:  rich and healthy

And I wish I could: be at the end of these 5000 questions


3175. What is the highest achivement anyone could ever achieve in this department?




with their humanity:

Again such a weird and vague question. Doesn’t this really depend on the person and what they want out of life? I mean for a roman catholic the highest spirtual achievement would probably be to become the pope or witness a true miracle. For a person who lost a leg and is learning with the prostethic leg the pyshical achievement would probably to walk again or whatever.


3176. Can you give step by step instructioons on how to think deeply?



3177. DDid you ever see the Wizard of Oz with the sound all the way down while listening to pink Floyd’s The Wall? If yes, did you see what everyone says goes on when you do that?



3178. Let’s say you were writing an application for potential new friends. What three questions would you ask (and what would you want the answers to be)?

We already had this question a few surveys back.


3179. Which two words of the following words goes together the best and why: mullet, brocollii, community, blue, phosphor, hammer, ocean, hand

Blue ocean, it’s the most obvious one.


3180. Are you dyslexic?



3182. Are you overwhelmed? By what?



3183. ‘My natural elasticity was crushed.’ What does that mean?

That you dealt with something you couldn’t really handle and get back from.


3184. What is humanity evolving towards, do you think?



3185. Are you good at cracking codes? ,t y dsud yp Ftoml upit ,o;l I’ll give you a hint. Y really means T.

Not good at it but with some time I usually do solve them. Not going to try now though. Too much effort.


3186. How many holes do you have in your body (ex. mouth)?

9 + some piercings


3187. Now there are ads on taxi cab hubcaps. Is there ANY free space LEFT to put more ads onto taxis???

The seats?


3188. What’s the worst place to have a scab?

Anywhere you can easily pick it.


3189. Do you pick your scabs?



3190. Who’s goin’ chicken huntin’?

No one?


3191. post ‘it’ note. What does ‘it’ stand for?

Your message.


3192. What is a tragedy?

When someone eats the last piece of pizza before you can.


3193. Where is guam?



3194. Are you bubbly? Do you drink bubbly?

Yes and yes.


3195. Do you have caller ID? If you do then do you only answer the phone after looking at it?

Yes. And I only answer non-private numbers.


3196. Bewitched or Jeannie?



3197. When will you be able to just do what you want to?

Never completely. But pretty damn close at this point.


3198. How do people live with the fact that their time is short and priceless yet they get paid too little to waste too much of it?

Because our time is only priceless to us. And the rest of the world doesn’t really care. We’re a small part of a big machine and leaving it is scary and dangerous. But can be worth it.


3199. OOGA! Make your best cave-pperson sound!



3200. Who tells better gossip, your best friend or your answering machine?

My best friend. Who has an answering machine nowadays?


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