#18 Complete the 52 Week Savings Plan

Saving has never been one of my talents. If I really have a clear short-term goal like an upcoming holiday or new game console release it’s not that difficult. But saving “for later” or to have a secure buffer to fall back on never really seems to give me enough motivation to properly save money.

I’m well aware of the importance of saving but somehow the endless posibilities to spend my money always seem much more enticing than saving it in some bank account or piggy bank. That’s probably why the mail man knows me on a firstname basis: he’s here al the time delivering my latest online purchases.

But I’m an adult now, or so they say. And honestly I have been for a couple of years. And one of the things a good, responsible adult should do is save money “for later” and to have a back-up at the ready. So I have been saving the last few years but not nearly as much as I should have, or could have.

Seeing as I’m most likely going to buy my first house somewhere this year it’s even more important that I step up my saving game and kick it to the next level where I save more than I buy. That’s not going to happen over night and one of the few handy tools I found online is the 52-weeks savings plan. The idea is that every day you put a little extra money in a savings account, and that amount goes up every week.

It’s supposed to help you get used to the whole idea of saving money and it being “gone” from your checkings account. It’ll hopefully give me just the little boost I need to really get saving!

This is the one I’ll be following:


Let’s see if I can do it!

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