#21 Eat healthier and reach my goal weight [IN PROGRESS]

Ah weight. The number 1 enemy of  many women (and men) all around the world. Whether you want to lose some weight or gain weight most people worry about it in some way or another and I’m no different!

With a length of 1.78cm and a total current weight of 86kg I definitely don’t consider myself to be fat. A little on the bigger side or even chubby yes. But not necessarily fat. I am however convinced it wouldn’t hurt to lose some of that excess weight and pay some more attention to what I’m eating.

Over the years I’ve tried many a diet but of course they all failed eventually, as all diets do. They simply don’t work because they are temporary solutions instead of the definitive lifestyle change it should be.

I’ve already started to make some small changes like staying away from soda and fruit juices that I don’t make myself because of all the unnecessary sugar that is in them. I’ve replaced the cookies I brought to work with me by some tomatoes and carrots to snack on and try to refrain from stuffing my face with chips (crisps for you UK folk) and chocolate.

So far it has already made me lose a couple of kg but to motivate myself further I’ve set a goal weight of 75kg meaning that I still have 11kg to lose within the remainder of the 1001 days. I don’t want to go on a diet but want to achieve this by making small changes here and there so that I now I can hold on to them.

Next on the list is cutting back on sauces. I’m a sucker for mayo on my fries and I drown them in this delicious sauce. Same goes for garlic sauce on pretty much anything I can get it on! But those things pack a punch when it comes to fat and calories and to be honest fries and chicken still taste good without a whole bottle of sauce on them.

I also want to start eating less meat and animal products in consideration of the environment and animal cruelty. I’m not going full vegan or vegetarian, as a Dutchie I simply like my dairy and eggs too much, but cutting back is definitely an option and will hopefully also be a good addition in being more mindful of what I eat and go along with this goal of losing weight and eating healthier.

Wish me luck guys!

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