#49 Return to Japan [Completed]

Japan. Oh, Japan. I mention it here quite often but I have a strong fascination (obsession?) with Japan and it’s culture. I like everything from the ancient shrines and temples to the hypermodern metropolis of Tokyo. I love strolling through the streets, parks, and forests and continue to be amazed by the diversity of this amazing country.

Finding the most outrageous merchandise right next to intricate craftmanship in stores and centuries old recipes being mixed with the latest culinary fashions. Men in well-tailored suits and girls in the cutest uniforms or brightest lolita dresses sit together in the subway or make their way down the escalators. The stark contrast between the friendly and kind people whom it’s hard to really get to know. They’re open and closed at the same time but always willing to help out, even if they have to force a smile.

It may come as no surprise that I love travelling there but seeing as it’s not exactly around the corner this can be quite a challenge. Thankfully I have a job that I like and don’t mind working hard, meaning I managed to save up enough pennies to return to Japan in the autumn of 2016. It was my fourth visit but also my very first time during the period of koyo, the viewing of autumn leaves. For this reason I planned a lot of trips to some more remote areas of Japan famous for their beautiful leaves and scenic views.

We plannend a three week trip around the cities of Tokyo, Nagano and Nagoya and travelled to several other cities and villages from there. We saw the bright red ferriswheel of HEP FIVE in Osaka, took a scenic train ride through Kurobe Gorge, went shopping for goodies in Tokyo, and celebrated with friends at a University festival. It was once again a wonderous trip.

The diversity of our activities and locaties was of course perfect to use my camera again and practice with it. A year ago I had only just bought the camera and wasn’t as experienced with it. I’m hardly a professional now but at least I now what most of the buttons do 😉 I also got some filters and other new goodies to experiment with and you can find several new albums in the Photography section with a few of my favorite shots. Please feel free to leave constructive criticisme but please refrain from being harsh or rude.

For now I can once again look back at another great experience and as I select the photo’s to put on this site I can’t help but daydream about another trip already. No plans yet, only hopes.

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