5000 Question Survey: Questions 1801 – 1900

As part of my 101 things to do in 1001 days I’ve accepted the challenge of answering the ‘5000 Question Survey’. I’ll be following the original 50 parts and answer a 100 questions per post. This is part nineteen with questions 1801 – 1900.


1801. How many smurfs can you name?

A handful maybe.


1802. Do you keep track of your life using a planner or calendar book? Would you be lost without it?

Got my schedule in my phone, that’s about it. And I would probably miss a lot of appointments and have double activities without it!


1803. Have you ever fully eradicated a bad habit that you had?

Yes, I quit smoking.


1804. Where do snowflakes come from?

Rain that freezes in the air.


1805. What do these latin phrases mean?

Et tu Brute:

Congito ergo sum:

No clue.


1806. You’re writing a story.

The super hot (guy or girl?): guy

is about to kiss (who): his date

Just then they get interrupted by (what): a witch

and somebody screams, (what): “careful, he’s a vampire! ”

but it is too late. Fortunately (who): the witch

walks by and does something (what): uses her power to chase the vampire away and erase the girl’s memory

and they all live (how): far away from eachother and happily

ever after.


1807. The radio is playing U2, The Defects, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Pointer Sisters, Staubkind, and Dr. Dre. on different stations. Which band are you most likely to listen to?

I only recognize U2 and Dr. Dre and I don’t really like either of them. Oh, I just googled them and I would listen to The Pointer Sisters. I’M SO EXCIIITEDDD AND I JUST CAN”T HIIIDEEEE ITTTT.


1808. How do you feel about the tsunami that killed over 100,000 people in December 2004?

Of course it’s terrible. But it’s also been more than 10 years ago and many other disasters have hit the world like the Tsunami in Japan in 2011. I feel worse about that.


1809. What is the difference between madness and brilliance?

Madness is usually kind of scary, uncontrolled, and negative/dangerous.


1810. Write any random sentance here:

You wrote sentence wrong.


1811. Say the sentence you wrote out loud. Did anybody answer?

No. I’m alone :’)


1812. Turn on your TV if it’s not on already, what channel is it?



1813. If you were to hit redial on your phone right now, who would it call?

My mom.


1814. Hit edit paste on your browser and paste the last thing you copied here:



1815. Miracle on 34th street, original or remake?

Never seen either of them.


1816. Have you ever been in a parade?



1817. Why don’t people just walk up to each other and become friends?

Because you can’t be friends with everyone.


1818. Do you turn the base up all the way in your car (or would you if you had acar) and blast the music?

Sometimes I do! Usually late at night when it’s dark outside and I’m on the highway.


1819. Do you care if what you do annoys others?

To a certain extent. It also depends on who those “others” are.


1820. What keeps you from being happy?

Nothing. Am pretty happy :)


1821. If you could go back in time and talk to yourself five years ago what would you say to yourself(You can only stay in the past for FIVE MINUTES so make it COUNT!)?

Start learning how to work with digitital drawing programs, start studying Japanese, visit grandma more often and make sure she is not alone at home the morning she falls. So she won’t die a few days later.


1822. Write a surreal (Having an oddly dreamlike quality) sentance:

Again you wrote it wrong. But ok let’s try.

The stairs moved all around me as the clouds passed through my hair and I could feel my feet chasing after my body.


1823. Can you talk for one hour without using the word ‘like’?

Yes. I just talk in Dutch 😛


1824. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Nah. Spring maybe.


1825. Say something nice about:

yourself: I’m pretty nice?

me: I don’t know you. But I guess it’s pretty cool that you’re crazy enough to come up with all these questions

your dad: can always rely on him 

your mom: always there for me when I need her

the one you love: he’s always up for my crazy stuff


1826. Questions from random movies: Why is it that a fly can’t bird but a bird can fly? You know what people are liking at night?



1827. What is your favorite movie that Denzel Washington has been in?

I usually don’t like/watch the type of movies his in. The only one I can remember seeing and kind of enjoying was the Book of Eli.


1828. What websites are addictive to you?

Ebay, imgur, wordpress, and facebook.


1829. Who do you love so much that you would clean live maggots out of their garbage pail just so that they didn’t have to?

Eww gross. Maybe my bf and parents ’cause I know they would do the same.


1830. Who do you think will read all 5,000 of your answers to this survey?

No one.


1831. Out of everyone reading your diary, how many people know your first name?

Everyone. It’s in the titel of this site.


1832. When you die and your tragic story is a human intrest spot on the news will you want your friends and family to say you were the greatest smartest and kindest person ever…or tell the truth?

That is the truth 😉


1833. Have you filled out an organ donor card?



1834. Who do you never want to end up like?

A bitter, lonely, old lady.


1835. How many oxymorons can you think of?

Probably quite a few if I wanted to make the effort.


1836. How many years old is your diary?

Just started. So zero.


1837. How could today get any worse?

It’s not that bad to begin with.


1838. What will you never ever do again?

Get as shitfaced as the first time I ever got drunk.


1839. What’s the most terrible lie someone could tell you?

That someone I love had died.


1840. Would you ever wear vinyl pants?

Yeah, sure.


1841. What was the last thing that you printed out?

Tickets to an event.


1842. What would you say to Flavor Flav if you saw him walking down the street?

Nothing. I wouldn’t even recognize him.


1843. What are you dependant on?



1844. What do you look forward to each day?

Waking up in the morning.


1845. What did you think of the Columbine shootings?

Terrible, but many have happend since. America needs to get their act together when it comes to their gun policy. I just don’t get why so many people keep being in favour of them whilst the statistics and research clearly shows there is a direct correlation between the American gun-policy and the amounts of shootings and gun-related incidents etc.


1846. Did you take lessons as a kid? what?

I went to school?


1847. What’s the best song to listen to after a break up?

None. They will only make you feel worse.


1848. The radio is playing Poison, Inxs, the Psychadelic Furs, Dio, and Matchbox 20 on different stations. What do you listen to?

Again with the unfamiliar bands. The fuck is your music taste like? Or is this simply because it’s a list of questions made in 2006?


1849. Do you know what it’s like to take care of someone else?



1850. Would you rather take care of someone or be taken care of?

Would rather take care of someone.


1851. What is the worst 80’s song in your opinion?

I don’t know. I hardly remember the name of songs let alone what year or age they came out.


1852. What song makes you so happy that just want to dance and dance and DANCE? God, does it even matter if you think you “can’t dance?”

Any song really, depends on the mood and which songs I’m currently liking.


1853. What has been your most beautiful magical memorable cloud nine manic ecstatic incredibly happy bouncy air-light moment of this life???

When I sat on my balcony in my appartment in Japan, looking over the ocean with good music on, a glass of wine and pocky (Japanese chocolate/biscuit sticks) and it hit me that I had really done it: I had gone to Japan on my own and was actually there.


1854. According to Depeche Mode, “Everything counts in large amounts.” According to the Crow, “Nothing is trivial.” Do you believe this is true?

To a certain extent, yes.


1855. Are you enjoying this thrilling lucious roller coaster ride of a life as much as I am?



1856. Do you know how improbable it is that life exists at all?



1857. Are you kind to strangers?

Usually, yes.


1858. Do you go out of your way for other people?

For some people, yes.


1859. Make a promise:

I promise to finish all these questions.


1860. Will you keep it?



1861. What do you think of the author of this survey? What’s my gender? What’s my age? What bands do I like(you must have SOME idea by now)? Anything else??

You’re probably a girl, late teens, you like punkish/rockish and older music. And you spent way too much time on making these questions and then not updating them for like 10 years.


1862. What makes something “literature”? Also, what makes something “art?”

It’s in the eye of the beholder. Or depending on which critics you believe.


1863. Why are you even doing this survey?? Doesn’t it TELL you something that you have NOTHING BETTER TO DO than fill out a 5,000 question survey???

I have plenty of better things to do. But it’s something to challenge myself with and is part of my 101 things in 1001 days thing so I’m sticking with it.


1864. Has answering these questions been a learning experiance for you (writeing them certainly has been for me)?

Not really. A few questions did make me think really hard though.


1865. Have you ever been so happy you could cry?



1866. Do you know that the one you love is the one you will spend the rest of your life with??



1867. Have you ever asked yourself, ‘Is there any more to life than this?’

Not really. Quite satisfied most of the time.


1868. What did you answer yourself?



1869. Do you let the restrictions of society restrain you?



1870. Or are you just too full of life to be stopped??

Not really.


1871. We are spinning on a bright blue bulb that is bursting with life. How could you possibly feel alone?

Because you’re alone inside your own mind.


1872. Is there something you’d like to try?

Loads of things! Just look at my 101 things in 1001 days list.


1873. What makes your heart smile and your skin get all tingly-ish?

Kisses from the boyfriend.


1874. How long has it been since you danced the night away?

A looooonng time ago. More of a pub and festival person.


1875. Are you willing to do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to get the most out of




1876. Are you willing to give the very best most beautiful part of yourself to the world?



1877. Is there love in your heart?



1878. Do things tend to go your way more often when you’re happy?



1879. What do you do while everyone sleeps?

Surf the internet. Or sleep as well haha.


1880. What is one thing you will you never ever ever get any more of?

That nasty whitebait onigiri I had in Japan.


1881. What’s your favorite short story?

The Tale of the Three Brothers


1882. Have do you feel about beauty pageants?

To each their own. I find them ridiculous but I do have to admit that I love watching toddlers and tiara’s. It’s super hyprocritical, I know. And I feel terrible for the children that obviously don’t want to do it but have delusional and super pushy moms that force them into it, but I just can’t stop watching it.


1883. If it ain’t broke (say anything but ‘don’t fix it’):

I’d probably buy it.


1884. What is your favorite DIY related website? (mine is probably http://www.homeofthesampler.com)



1885. Do you bruise easily?

Like skin bruises? All the time and I never know where I get them.


1886. In William Shakespeare’s play, “All’s Well That Ends Well,” the character Parolles makes an interesting speech about virginity, saying that “Virginity by being once lost may be ten times found; by being ever kept, it is ever lost…To speak on the part of virginity is to accuse your mothers; which is most infallible disobedience…virginity murders itself; and should be buried in highways, out of all sanctified limit, as a desperate offendress against nature. Virginity breeds mites, much like a cheese; consumes itself to the very paring, and so dies with feeding his own stomach. Besides, virginity is peevish, proud, idle, made of self-love, which is the most inhibited sin in the canon. Keep it not; you cannot choose but lose by’t…” What do you think of this?

I think he said it well. Virginity is over-rated. Not saying you should have casual sex all over the place (eventhough if you want to, go ahead) but the whole pureness thing and all that? Meh.


1887. Would you prefer to stay in a motel, hotel, inn, lodge, or resort?

Depends on the type of trip or location. Luxury sunny holiday? A resort. Convention stay? Hotel, desperately in need for a place to crash? Anything will do. Romantic get away in the mountains or skiing trip? A lodge.


1888. Have you ever gone scuba diving?



1889. What kind of bread do you like?

Croissants. Italian buns, and wholegrain.


1890. Do you usually behave the way you want to?

Partially yes.


1891. How does the idea in your head of what you want to be like match up to the reality of what you are like?

Pretty close. I guess I would like to be a little skinnier, a little prettier, and a hell of a lot richer. But overall I quite like myself :)


1892. Do you realize that in 111 questions this survey will have more questions than there have been years since christ was born?

No. Wouldn’t have thought of that, ever.


1893. Are your air and water as pure as you want them to be?

Definitely not. But hey? What can you do.


1894. Would you ever visit an insect zoo?

No. Although, I would like to go to a butterfly garden.


1895. Can you enjoy life without stimulants (coffee, ciggarettes, drugs, alcohol)?

You probably could. But I like having a cup of coffee or glass of wine every now and then.


1896. How many hours do you sleep every night?

About 5-7 I think.


1897. Is this survey your friday or saturday night date?



1898. I go crazy when I’m without _______.

My phone.


1899. Can you do the robot dance?



1900. How much thought do you put into your dance moves?



1901. Are you able to recognize patterns, habits, routines and break out of them?

A little bit.

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