5000 Question Survey: Questions 2101 – 2200

As part of my 101 things to do in 1001 days I’ve accepted the challenge of answering the ‘5000 Question Survey’. I’ll be following the original 50 parts and answer a 100 questions per post. This is part twentytwo with questions 2101 – 2200.


2101. Are you an optimist?

Usually, yes :)


2102. If you were in the Breakfast Club, which character would you be?

I’ll let you know once I’ve seen the movie.


2103. Who do you have no respect for?



2104. Is the plural form of cactus cactuses or cactii?



Is the plural form of penis penises or penii?



2105. What does your favorite coffee mug look like?

The mug the bf got me. A mug iwht Pink Princess Peach (racing on a motorcycle) from Mario Kart.


2106. Have you ever gotten hurt at a concert?

Except for a few bruises no.


2107. What age do you think it is most difficult to be?

When your really old and your body isn’t co-operating with your mind anymore, when you have to be careful with every step you take and need a dozen pills with every meal.


2108. Do you like to be considered wierd or different?

Slightly. Not too weird though.


2109. Do you think you could handle a day in jail?



2110. Is your body an amusement park?

A very exclusive amusement park maybe.


2111. Are dj’s obsolete?

Not really.


2112. What is the best liquid in existence?



2113. What is turning out better than expected?



2114. Who is the most overbearing person you know?

I know a few but not really friends with them so they don’t bother me.


2115. Who does it surprise you that you are close to?

No one.


2116. Apparently Eminem got booed at the MTV music video awards because he was making fun of Moby onstage. What do you think of this?

I don’t care.


2117. Close your eyes. What do you see?

All sorts of weird colours.


2118. What’s the best Van Halen song?



2119. What do you picture when you hear the word “Puritans?”

Weren’t they a group of Christians?


2120. Have you ever been on a trampoline?



2121. What do you use batteries for the most often?

My old wii remotes and gameboys.


2122. What do you find thrilling?

I don’t know. A rollercoaster?


2123. Porch swing. Sunrise. What else could you ask for?

A nice cocktail and a blanket maybe.


2124. Do you like William Shatner’s cover of Mr Tambourine Man?

Don’t know it.


2125. Where’s the sexiest place to have a piercing?

Depends on the person.


2126. Do you get panic attacks?



2127. How long does getting dressed to go to a club take you?

If I know what to wear maybe 30-45 minutes? If I don’t know what the wear it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours.


2128. What is Adam Ant’s best song?



2129. Does your body need improvement or is it just fine?

I could do with losing some weight.


2130. Does watching MTV or reading beauty magazines make you feel bad about yourself?

No. If anything it usually makes me feel a lot better about myself haha.


2132. What is the most romantic movie ever?



2133. Do you think that woman are treated as second class citizens of this world?

In some countries certainly.


2134. What would you do if you were at a dance club with your signifigant other and he or she got into a fistfight with someone?

Depends on why he got into the fistfight.


2135. Has anyplace ever asked you to leave?



2136. Have you ever been openly kicked out?



2137. Are you permanently banned from anywhere?



2138. Who is your favorite movie director?

Don’t know.


2139. What topic do you hate to talk about?

Politics and religion.


2140. Are you looking forward to the remake of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate factory or do you think it could never be as good as the original?

Never seen the original. I found the remake enjoyable though.


2141. Do you enjoy the band Ministry?



2142. What is your coziest article of clothing?

My oversized grey sweater and black leggings.


2143. What is your favorite word to say?

In this quiz it seems to be either no or don’t know.


2144. Does your name and your signifigant other’s name feel like one word to you?



2145. Do you like the band the Buzzcocks?



2146. Can you tell when other people are lieing?



2147. Do you like to wear glitter?



2148. Would you prefer to wrap your own presents or have them all giftwrapped?

Wrap them myself.


2149. Where do you go when you want to meet new people?

Online, a festival, convention, party.


2150. What is the best first sentence to a book, in your opinion?

Geez, really?


2151. Should fun or safety come first?

Hmmm… depends. How much fun and how much danger are we talking about? Because sometimes things can get a bit much for a relatively safe good time. Other timses people aren’t being cautious enough for what they are doing.


2152. Does mind over matter work for you?



2153. What’s the most weight you ever lost in one year?

Like 10kg?


2154. What are your feelings about punk and goth?

Fine with me.


2155. Did you ever write something when you were high and then looked at it sober and realized that it was nonsense?



2156. How often do you shave: (guys) your face? (girls) your legs? (girls) under your arms?

Legs depends. Arms usually once a week or something?


2157. What word do you often hear people misuse?

Jealousy / envy. And I use them wrong all the time as well.


2158. Have you ever used somebody?

Maybe a little bit.


2159. Are you paranoid?

A little.


2160. What is the best music video of all time?

No clue. Never watch them.


2161. How many Shakespeare plays have you read all the way through?



2162. What was the deepedst religious or spiritual experiance you’ve ever had?



2163. What is it like to be you today?

Pretty good. A bit boring maybe but not too bad.


2164. Do you like to play games?

Yes! Love it <3


2165. Have you made any good friends on this diary site?

You and those damn diary questions. It shouldn’t surprise me as it was orignially posted on live journal but still.


2166. Have you met anyone from open diary?

See above.


2167. What have you done lately that gave everyone something to talk about?

I don’t really know. My cosplays maybe?


2168. Do you get along with people who annoy you, disagree with you, dislike you, and hate you?

Usually yes. I mean they may not like me but doesn’t mean we can’t be polite and nice with eachother. Same with people who annoy me or disagree with me. Some who do that are my best friends 😉


2169. When you ask for something do you make a request or a demand?



2170. Who are you a bad influence on?

My dogs?


2171. Who are you a good influence on?

My dogs?


2172. Who is on your christmas list this year?

Who? Not sure what you mean with this.


2173. How many other people do you know of that are doing this survey?



2174. Have you ever intentionally had a one night stand?



2175. Do you tend to get car sick?

I used to. And sometimes still do a little.


2176. What is the legnth of your hair?



2177. Do you like to listen to techno music?



2178. Have you ever dyed your hair an unusual color?

Yes. Have had loads of hairstyles and colours. Including strawberry red and pink.


2179. What do you think of these diary names? Oculto: suffer victim: With A Purpose: Almost_Famous: In.The.Name.Of.Lust: The Phallic Stapler: <*>SeXyCandace<*>:

Running out of things te ask? Thought we were passed these questions. I would definitely read the Phallic Stapler though :’)


2180. What do you think of these entry titles? Lesbians … as far as the eye can see: Why Avril Lavigne sucks: Call On Jesus: Buddha-licious: WeLCome To The JungLe!: Geektastic: Should i get an abortion?:

Nope. Nope. Not reading those.


2181. What do you find beautiful in an atypicaal way?

Can’t really think of anything to say here.


2182. What would you PHYSICALLY fight someone over?

Only fought once, to protect a friend. So I guess something like that?


2183. What was the last thing you were invited to?

A birthday party :)


2184. What do you like?

Loads of things! Just have a look around on this site and you’ll get an idea 😉


2185. Have you ever drank: chartruese? absinth?

Absinth, yes. Chartruese, no.


2186. Do you plan your outfits ahead of time, pick them out the morning of, wear whatever was on the floor, or wear what you slept in?

For a special occasion I plan ahead of time. For everything else it can be anything from picking them off the floor or picking them out right before. I don’t usually wear what I sleep in though.


2187. How long have you ever gone without changing your

sheets: last week

cloths: this morning

underwear: this morning

toothbrush: a few weeks ago


2189. What item should not be shared?



2190. How do you keep control of your temper?

Trying to breath and think about what getting angry would get me. Usually nothing so I calm down.


2191. If you could gain all of your dreams by giving a family member (little brother) to the goblin king who would turn him into a goblin, would you?

I wouldn’t give my parents or sister away but I got a few cousin I never see that I wouldn’t mind giving away.


2192. Do you like to listen to Duran Duran?



2193. Do you ever feel the need for MORE than life has to offer?

No. Except for neverending wealth and eternal youth.


2194. What is your favorite children’s story?

Aladdin. Does that count? I also like goldie locks. We used to have this old picture book with her story in it and I can still vividly remind the page where she finds the bowls of food.


2195. Do you think that adult books should have more pictures?

Depends on the book really. Usually I don’t miss pictures.


2196. What was your all time low?

Haven’t really hit a low point. I’ve experienced plenty of sad moments and moments of loss but nothing that I would consider a true all time low.


2197. Do you make up songs and sing them to yourself when you’re alone?



2198. Do you like to listen to the Smashing Pumkins?



2199. Do you see the expression of emotion as weakness?



2200. Are you prepared in case of chemicle, biological and nuclear attacks?


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