#51 Visit at least 5 European cities outside of the Netherlands [In progress]

I’ve already been to quite a few places in Europe from Gent in Belgium, to Venice in Italy, London in England, and Prague in the Czech Repulic. But there are still plenty more that I want to visit. And so I’ve set the quest to visit at least 5 European cities outside of the Netherlands.

I’m not counting business trips (unless there is time for sightseeing) because you never really get a “feel” for a city or a chance to explore. I want to have a real visit before adding it to this list.

It would be too much to talk in much detail about my visits to the different cities, so for now I’ll just list the places I’ve been to during this time and a short summary of the visit. However, if you want to read more you can always click on the city of your choosing and read about the trip in more detail.



Me, and my friends P. and L. decided it was time for a fun trip with just the three of us girls. We didn’t want to go too far and it had to be rather low-budget and so we decided to go to Paris. I had been there three times before but only at the airport and once in a taxi through the city, so I hadn’t seen anything there yet. And it was time to change that!

We ended up doing pretty much all of the standard tourist stuff but did manage to squeeze in a few unique moments and visits here and there. But you can read more about it here.



Probably one of my favourite memories that I made with my friend P. was our visit to Antwerp. A super quick, last-minute visit brought on by a special invite. An invititation from a PR company to visit the launch party of a great game! We didn’t really see much of Antwerp but it was amazing nonetheless. You can read more here.



When I lived in England (6 months for my minor) I met L. a great girl whom I’ve been in touch with ever since, not to be confused with the L. mentioned in earliers posts (so let’s call this one UK-L). Even when I moved back to the Netherlands we continued to visit eachother and now, more than 5 years later we still talk often.

So when she said she wanted to do something special for her birthday and wanted to celebrate somewhere in Europe I was ready to go! Together with another friend, P., we decided on Budapest! A great weekend, despite my first ever food poisoning! Read all about it here.



Another trip with my friends P. and UK-L! This time not to celebrate anything special but just to have a fun “Girl’s Weekend”. We choose London because it’s close to wear UK-L lives, they had some good deals, and ofcourse so we could visit the Harry Potter Potter Studio’s in Winter edition! Read more here.


One more to go!

And that leaves me with just one more city to visit before January 27th, 2019. However since I’ve already been to London before I kind of want to aim for two in the upcoming year. And seeing the “history” this might just be possible!


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