#79 See how many marshmallows I can fit in my mouth [COMPLETED]

The 101 things to do in 1001 days list is mostly to get me doing and trying new things. Most of them are “serious” but there are a few funny and simply retarded ones in the bunch such as #79.

Number 69 on the list is seeing how many marshmallows I can fit in my mouth. I once read that the world record for it is 28 “standard” size marshmallows and it made me wonder how many I could fit in.

On August 19th we had a small party with a bunch of friends and whilst doing some shopping for it I walked past the marshmallows and it rang a bell. Hoping I wouldn’t be the only one crazy enough to actually try this I scooped up four bags and went back home. That night when the mood was set I brought in the marshmallows and there we went!

The results were hilarious and it was way more fun, and way more difficult than I had thought it would be! We saw people stuffing in a “mere” 6 all the way up to the 20 (!) that my boyfriend managed to stuff in his face. I ended up with 11 marshmallows, which may not sound like much, but really is!

Definitely try this with a bunge of friends when you have the chance. You won’t be dissapointed!

Sadly I don’t really have any good pictures but this one, where you can vaguely see me. Got my hair tied back so it wouldn’t get in the way and tried my best to get as much marshmallows in my mouth as I could haha! The end result definitely wasn’t pretty but it was super fun!


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