#82 Make all the perler bead Pokémon (first generation) [IN PROGRESS]

Perler beads are something most of us played with as children, or has let their children play with. These tiny little plastic beads make all sorts of little artworks and can be great fun to “play” with as adults as well!

A few months ago I was inspired to get into perler bead crafting again after seeing all the cool pixelart people were making on instagram and especially the ones related to Pokémon. So I went out and got a bunch of perler beads (or wel hama beads in this case) and got to work!

It’s suprisingly relaxing and therapeutic and you even end up with some really nice pieces that you can either frame and hang on your wall, or like me simply dump in a box until you know what you want to do with them.

For now my goal is to create atleast the first 151 Pokémon but I’ve also made some Pokémon from later generations and some non-Pokémon related pieces as well. Below a few of the pieces I’ve created so far:



20160110_174214-02 20160220_101935-01



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