I’m an adult now! (Completed #11 and #12)

I’m officially a part of the world of adults now. The past few weeks have been very exciting and also rather scary. Not only did I buy a car (not so scary) but me and the boyfriend have bought a house together!  An actual house with a real mortgage that will haunt us for the coming 30 years (this is scary!).

A week from now we will get the keys to our new place and we can start living together. I’m definitely not worried about the two of us, we’ve been great so far and survived two trips to Japan. And you know what they say: holidays are true relationship tests 😉

However we also all know that everything can break, even if you’ve been together for 20 years but let’s just hope for the best but prepare for the worst, just in case. Meaning we got our “living together contract” (a Dutch thing for those that wont get marrierd (yet) but will be living together) and even wrote our wills.

All of this has gotten me thinking quite a lot. I’m getting closer to my thirthies but as I sit behind my computer I keep thinking about how “young” I still feel. Not in the sense of being “young of mind” or anything but I somehow still feel unprepared for everything that’s about to come my way.

I mean I still live at home and every morning me and my mom have a little chat before we head off to work. We have two little dogs who go crazy when I get home from work, and my dad is always around when my wi-fi is acting up, and I can’t borrow my sisters make-up remover anymore when I forget to buy my own.

Soon I won’t have two little fluffballs to great me at the door, I’ll only talk to my mom on the phone or if we drive 30 minutes to see eachother, I’ll have to fix my own wi-fi, and I really need to remember to buy my own make-up remover.

Don’t get me wrong, I also love the idea of having my own place and I’m going crazy with decorating and finding fun things to make the house “ours”. But there are so many new worries and things to consider in all of this. Just the financial part alone is scary enough.

Right now I’m in an extremely good situation financially. I work fulltime at a good job with very decent pay, and I still live at home. I contribute a little there but most of my hard earned money can be spend however I choose. This usually just means I save part of it but the biggest part is spent on fun things like clothes, games, figures, going out with friends, travelling and more. A very spoiled and priviliged situation. I fully understand this.


Me (right) before we bought the house.

This will change drastically in just a weeks time. From then on I’ll be spending most on my money on the mortgage, and all sorts of taxes and insurances I really don’t want to waste money on. I’ll have to “waste” my money on toilet paper, electricity bills, and we’ll have discussions about how expensive the groceries have gotten lately. But I guess that’s also what it means to be an adult, right?

Thank god there are still people like Marloes de Vries and her comics who make me feel less bad about the fact that I still don’t feel like a “real” adult 😉

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