Reaching my goal weight (101 Things #3)

Perhaps this counts as cheating as I’ve actually already started this challenge three weeks ago, but I hit an all time high (or low?) with my weight. I’ve never been heavier than I am now and that needs to change. Asap.

So I’ve decided to take my eating habits seriously and start to make some real changes. Besides going pretty much completely vegetarian last year and having stopped drinking soda I didn’t do anything to watch what I was eating. Especially during the weekend I would completely let myself go.

New rules

Ever since the start of the year I’ve tried making some actual changes for the better. I’ve started limiting my intake of carbs, without going completely low-carb. I’ve started calculating my calories and I set some rules for myself. During weekdays I can have about 1500~1700 calories and in the weekends I can go up to about 2000. All to get me started with some weight loss. I do want to do this in a healthy way so I’m also taking into account the micro-nutrients such as protein and iron intake. Especially being vegetarian I have to be careful to get everything I need by eating plenty of leafy greens, nuts, beans, and more. But I also want to watch out for eating too much sugary or fatty goods, and overall just get a very balanced diet.

And so far that is going pretty great! I’ve lost about 3kgs in three weeks, don’t feel hungry, and am really getting used to this new routine. Only difficulties are when I’m not at home or work. For example, when going out for drinks with the girlfriends or visiting family for dinner. But I’m sure that’ll get easier over time as well.

Get moving

Another big part of losing weight and getting healthy is getting enough exercise. Precisely the thing I really struggle with. Because simple put: I really don’t like exercise. I used to, years ago when I was still kickboxing but nowadays I’d rather be inside and play video games, or write. Which perhaps wouldn’t be too much of a problem on it’s own but I also have a desk job so I sit most of the day. And as we know by now: sitting is the new smoking in terms of how damaging it can be for your health.

However the literal first steps have been taken as I went running last week! Together with my friend P. – whom is an enthousiastic runner – we did 2,4 km in about 20 minutes, so an average slightly over 8km an hour. It might not be much, but to me it’s already a pretty big milestone. Next week I’m going for another lap and I hope to keep this up. I’m not sure if running really is “my thing” but for now it’s at least a good way to get a bit more in shape and perhaps motivate me to try other workouts as well.

The startingpoint

So! With the pointers: eating and excercising being in focus is time to get an overview of things in terms of the actual numbers that I’m talking about.

This was me at the beginning of the year
34,9% fat
forgot muscle

This is me three weeks later:
178cm (obviously)
33,8% fat
29,7% muscle

Already some small changes. Not much and I don’t really have much of a plan yet. But all I know is that this year my goal is to lose 8,8kg, for a total weight of 85kg. Still too heavy. But I’m looking for a real, lasting, lifestyle change by making small adjustments in my eating and workout habits.

Once I hit 85kg I also want to focus more on the actual fat/muscle portion of it and get more serious about working out. But knowing me I shouldn’t do everything at once, but give myself the time to adjust.

Healthy living, unhealthy choices

One thing in specific resonated with me about all of this. It was actually a quote from someone who had lost almost 30kg without making many changes. He said to just follow your common sense when living healthy. You know what’s good or bad, and what’s not enough or too much. So obtain that healthy lifestyle, but do make some unhealthy choices every now and then.

Go out for that night of binge drinking, or enjoy that massive buffet. Just make sure it’s only once in a while. That you make those decisions consciously, and that you don’t forget your overall goals.

And I think that’s a great way to go about things. I don’t want to deny myself everything. But I do have to think about my choices, because in the end it’s only me who can make the actual decisions and thus changes.

So let’s go on this journey of healthy living with the occasional unhealthy choice!

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