There’s quite a few goals that won’t be finished easily or quickly. These are long-term goals and tasks that will last for the duration of this project and hopefully for a long time afterwards!

A while ago I started on all of these and now I thought it would be time for a quick update on how far I’ve gotten with them 🙂


Save €10 for every task I complete (number 10 on the list)

So far I have completed 5 goals (so few!) and 13 goals currently in progress. This also means I’ve saved up €50 so far for completing these 5 tasks! It’s small but, it’s a start!


Stop buying things on impulse (number 14 on the list)

Yeah… Not a whole lot of progress here to be honest. There’s a little but my creditcard bill says I still have a long way to go! I am getting a little bit more conscious of buying and spending but it’s not slowing me down much yet.


Start tracking my finances (number 16 on the list)

I am documenting more of how much I spent every month but I haven’t been able to set a real budget yet. Partially because I’m preparing for a trip to Japan and my spending will be rather crazy anyway. I’ll get more serious about this once I get back (as well as the one above and below).


Save €5000 in an emergency fund (number 17 on the list)

I have actually reached this goal now. However as about half of that is meant to go to my next trip to Japan I’m not setting it as a completed. I will start again with this after Japan


Start flossing (number 19 on the list)

It’s still not a 100% part of my daily routine but I have made some real progress! I now do it much more often but I still need to pay way more attention to this.


Develop a better skin care routine (number 20 on the list)

Finally somewhere I can say I made real progress! From hardly ever removing my make-up (I usually only wear mascara and eyeliner) I now have a full 6-step face care routine I do every evening! I start of with some oil-heavy eyemakeup removers, a facial cleansing wipe, a foamy facewash (sometimes followed with scrubbing and another foamy wash), putting on a serum, some eyecream and finally a night creme. In the morning I usually just do a quick foamy wash and some day creme. But yay, for progress!


Learn Japanese (number 29 on the list)

I’ve really stepped up my game last month in learning Japanese. I’ve picked up memrise again and am using it every day. I have several courses I follow and I do each of them for at least 10 minutes a day. Also, at the end of September my “real-life” Japanese lessons will start again as well so I got to prepare for those as well!


So far so good right? I still have a long way to go but I’m glad that at least for some of these long-term goals I’ve made a little progress 🙂


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