Visiting Antwerp (Part of #51 on the list of 101 things to do)

Number #51 on the list of 101 things to do is visiting at least 5 European cities outside of the Netherlands. This is the first of the five cities: Antwerp!

This was a very last-minute trip and eventhough we didn’t really see much of Antwerp we did spent the night there and went partying so I’m adding it to the list.

I have another blog (in Dutch) and it’s gotten some niche popularity. Because of that I have a few contacts within PR agencies and one of them sent me an invite for a game launch party in Antwerp. Because I had to work and it was a bit of travel at first I wasn’t planning on going.

But a few days before I was chatting with P. and she mentioned she was free those days and instantely we decided we were going to go. I arranged the days off at work, we booked a train and hotel and were ready to go!

We arrived in the early afternoon and went for a walk through the city before getting some food and drinks and heading to our hotel to get ready for the party. It was an absolute blast and the goodiebag we got afterwards was insanely good (it even had the game worth €60,- alone). But most of all it was great to meet some of the people that worked on it and having a great time with my friend.


But as mentioned, the goal is to visit 5 different European cities (outside of the Netherlands)! Want to find out more about the other visits? You can find all the updates here.


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