Visiting Budapest (Part of #51 on the list of 101 things to do)

Number #51 on the list of 101 things to do is visiting at least 5 European cities outside of the Netherlands. This is the first of the five cities: Budapest!

When I lived in England (6 months for my minor) I met L. a great girl whom I’ve been in touch with ever since, not to be confused with the L. mentioned in earliers posts (so let’s call this one UK-L). Even when I moved back to the Netherlands we continued to visit eachother and now, more than 5 years later we still talk often.

So when she said she wanted to do something special for her birthday and wanted to celebrate somewhere in Europe I was ready to go! Together with another friend, P., we decided on Budapest

Or more, we went on and saw an amazing deal for a superior room in a very luxurious hotel in Budapest, Prestige Hotel Budapest**** A hotel that would normally be way over our budget but with this deal was perfect. And so we decided to go for it!

Yes, we literally decided on where to go because of a hotel.

The trip was great! Budapest is a lovely city (but to be honest, not my favorite European city) and we had a blast with shopping, sightseeing, clubbing in the ruin bars/pubs, and I even got to experience my very first legit food poisoning. Never felt as miserable in my life as then but also very, very happy that we were in this amazing hotel with the toilet seperate from the bathroom.

Cherry on top however was also our Michelin star breakfast in the hotel restaurant. We had eggs benedict, croissants, fresh orange juice and some yummy sweet rolls that made for a perfect start of our travel back home. We were so busy eating that we forgot to take a picture, so instead have one of the Hungarian Goulash that gave me the foodpoisoning.

Goulash đź’• #cyrano #hungary #budapest #food #lunch #yum #goulash #travel #citytrip

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But as mentioned, the goal is to visit 5 different European cities (outside of the Netherlands)! Want to find out more about the other visits? You can find all the updates here.


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