Visiting London ((Part of #51 on the list of 101 things to do)

Number #51 on the list of 101 things to do is visiting at least 5 European cities outside of the Netherlands. This is the first of the five cities: London!

Last december I returned to London, a city I have been a few times before so I’m not really sure if I should really count it, but I’m going to anyway 🙂

Usually when I go to London it’s for business or some other “boring” reason. This time however it was with the same girls as I went to Budapest with! Not to celebrate a birthday or anything but simply to have a good time and use up some of the remaining vacation days at work. And so P. and I booked our flights to go see UK-L. (whom actually lives near London) and have a girl’s weekend!

We didn’t really plan much except for a visit to the Harry Potter Studio’s. Especially P. and I are huge Harry Potter fans and eventhough I had been there before I couldn’t resist another visit. And glad we did! It was just as magical as the first time.

The rest of the weekend truly wasn’t that eventful in the sense of doing lots of “touristy” things. We had a lovely and relaxing time just strolling around the streets of London, stuffing our faces at the pub, doing some shopping, and having a little taste of the Nightlife in London.

A special place we did go to was the Winter Wonderland Festival in Hyde Park. A sort of mix between an amusement park and christmas market that gets built especially for the christmas period. The best way to the desciribe this place is simply calling it “Christmas on Crack” in the best way possible.



But as mentioned, the goal is to visit 5 different European cities (outside of the Netherlands)! Want to find out more about the other visits? You can find all the updates here.



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