Visiting Paris (Part of #51 on the list of 101 things to do)

Number #51 on the list of 101 things to do is visiting at least 5 European cities outside of the Netherlands. This is the first of the five cities: Paris!

Me, and my friends P. and L. decided it was time for a fun trip with just the three of us girls. We didn’t want to go too far and it had to be rather low-budget and so we decided to go to Paris. I had been there three times before but only at the airport and once in a taxi through the city, so I hadn’t seen anything there yet.

My vision of Paris as the ultimate romantic city had been long gone but I was excited to see what they had to offer, and that was plenty! We went to all the highlights from the Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower, to the Moulin Rouge and the Chocolate museum. We even went to the Louvre for a quick visit. Which was pretty exciting (and secretly a little scary) because there appeared to be a bomb threat and the entire place was shut down.

It was obvious throughout the city that they were on high-alert everywhere with loads of metal detectors at sightseeing locations and loads of militairy guys and police with massive guns. A very clear reminder of the terrorist situation we are dealing with.

But we definitely didn’t let it spoil or fun or stopped us from going places. Very important in the “fight” against terrorism is just enjoying things and going out and about. We’re not planning on letting hate and fear take over our lives. And glad we did because we had a blast with great conversations, good wine and of course some French macarons to top it off!

The other visits

But as mentioned, the goal is to visit 5 different European cities (outside of the Netherlands)! Want to find out more about the other visits? You can find all the updates here.


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