The struggle of liking too many things

I’d like to think of myself as a creative person and I like doing things. Many things. I like taking pictures, I like baking and trying out weird recipes, I want my family to taste dishes from exotic places, and play around with my nendoroids in miniature worlds I’ve made myself.

I want to make upcycled dinosaur planters, create the most marvelous cosplays,  and collect all the trophies in my games. I want to finish my 101 things list, and grow my own vegetables, whilst still having a career. I want to do it all, because I like doing it all.

I’m constantly bursting with energy and crazy ideas and want to try new things all the time. Which is amazing and fun and keeps me from being bored but it also brings to light a struggle. The everlasting battle with time.

Between work, my other website, my friends and social life, Japanese lessons and everything else there is hardly any time left to make work of all my plans and creative urges. I realise that these are matters of priority and that there are those of you out there that can throw everything overboard and do whatever they want, in whatever way possible.

For me however I feel that simply because I like so many different things I can’t just throw everything overboard and do all of them or just focus on one of them to do.  I simply need more time, but I don’t have it and can’t free it up at this point. So up until I do have more free time I will have to make choices, something I’m terrible at.

Oh, how much I wouldn’t give to own a time-turner like Hermione in Harry Potter. It would make it so much easier to do everything at once 😉

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